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1. Roughness has a fundamental function in lip seals, generating a field of pressure that sustains the lip and avoiding excessive rubbing and temperature.

2. The mathematical models of roughness have an influence on the global thermoelastohydrodynamic behavior of lip seals, affecting features such as average thickness, reverse pumping, power loss, leakage, and average temperature reached.

3. The study proposes a numerical algorithm to solve the steady state Reynolds equation for an isoviscous case coupled with the elastic behavior of the seal and a simplified energy equation to determine the thickness and pressure fields of the lubricant film.

Article analysis:


1. 文章只考虑了理想情况下的假设,如唇形密封件完全弹性、旋转轴完全光滑等,并未考虑实际工作环境中可能存在的不确定因素和风险。

2. 文章只分析了三种粗糙度模型对唇形密封件性能的影响,但并未对这些模型是否真实可靠进行深入探讨。

3. 文章提到了其他学者在该领域内的研究成果,但并未对这些成果进行充分比较和评价。

4. 文章缺乏对实验数据和验证结果的详细描述和解释。

5. 文章过于专业化,难以被广大读者理解和应用。