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1. Conservationists face a range of challenges, including habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, and wildlife harvesting. In recent times, emerging issues such as halogenated pesticides, acid rain, biofuel production, ozone-depleting chemicals, microplastics, and Arctic exploitation have added to these challenges.

2. Horizon scanning is a method used to anticipate and respond to emerging threats and opportunities in conservation. It involves gathering information from different sectors and analyzing it to identify poorly recognized issues. This approach aims to minimize surprises and enable quick responses from policy-makers and researchers.

3. Horizon scanning outputs can take various forms, including broad descriptions of trends or specific assessments of potential threats. Annual horizon scans have been conducted by conservation scientists to identify global conservation issues, while similar approaches have been used to identify important scientific questions for guiding conservation practice and policy. However, there is a risk that gathered information may not be followed up due to non-scientific factors influencing decision-making processes.

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