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1. The House Oversight Committee has asked Hunter Biden's business associate Rob Walker to testify before the panel after financial documents revealed that he transferred over $1 million to members of the Biden family.

2. The committee reviewed subpoenaed Bank of America records and found that "at least three family members" received lucrative payments from a bank account belonging to Walker.

3. The White House did not deny the findings but instead slammed the committee's investigation into the Biden family, calling it a "disgusting attack."

Article analysis:

The article from Fox News reports on the House Oversight Committee's request for Hunter Biden's business associate, Rob Walker, to testify before the panel. The committee found that Walker transferred over $1 million to members of the Biden family after receiving a $3 million wire from a Chinese energy company in 2017. The article provides details of the financial records and payments made to various accounts belonging to Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Hallie Biden.

The article appears to be biased against the Bidens, as it focuses solely on the payments made by Walker and does not provide any context or explanation for them. It also quotes Republican Committee Chairman James Comer extensively, who has been critical of President Biden and his family's business dealings in the past.

The article lacks balance as it only presents one side of the story and does not explore any counterarguments or alternative explanations for the payments made by Walker. It also includes unsupported claims such as "President Biden’s involvement in his family’s business schemes," without providing any evidence to support this assertion.

Furthermore, the article contains promotional content for Fox News' previous reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop and alleged money laundering investigation. This information is not relevant to the current story but seems intended to cast doubt on Hunter Biden's character.

Overall, this article appears to be one-sided reporting with potential biases against the Bidens. It lacks balance and context while including unsupported claims and promotional content.