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1. Homeowners and businesses in Highland Creek Village and along Ellesmere Road in Scarborough are opposing the Durham-Scarborough Bus Rapid Transit (DSBRT) project, which aims to build hardened transit lanes on Ellesmere Road. Many of these opponents are not bus passengers themselves but rather homeowners, business owners, and customers who rely on driving to businesses along the route.

2. Opponents argue that the DSBRT project is poorly studied and will harm businesses that already struggle due to previous roadwork on Ellesmere in 2018 and the pandemic. They believe that curbed medians will negatively impact businesses using 40 driveways along Ellesmere's north side between Markham and McCowan Road.

3. Local politicians, including Scarborough—Rouge Park MPP Vijay Thanigasalam, have expressed support for the residents' opposition to the DSBRT project. However, Metrolinx representatives have defended the project, stating that alternatives to curbed medians do not perform as well and that it is normal for transit routes to go through residential areas. The project is still unapproved with no construction schedule.

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