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1. Global universities have a complex and dispersed structure, requiring substantial leadership from their presidents.

2. Despite the importance of university presidents, there is relatively little scholarly research on their characteristics and work.

3. A research project at Tsinghua University in China is conducting interviews with globally influential university presidents to gain insights into their nature, perspectives, and work.

Article analysis:

The article "Global university president leadership characteristics and dynamics" provides an overview of the importance of studying global university presidents and their leadership. The authors argue that while much is written about university leadership and management, there is relatively little known about important aspects of global university presidents. The article presents initial insights from a study of the nature, perspectives, and work of globally influential university presidents.

One potential bias in the article is its focus on globally focused universities, which may not be representative of all universities worldwide. The authors acknowledge this limitation but do not explore how it may impact their findings. Additionally, the study only includes interviews with 18 global university presidents, which may not be a representative sample.

The article also lacks evidence to support some of its claims. For example, the authors state that "enormous value is produced by studying the leaders of such institutions and their work," but do not provide any evidence to support this claim. Similarly, they argue that studying candid stories in presidential voices moves beyond observational studies into leadership traits and characteristics, but do not provide evidence to support this assertion.

The article also has some missing points of consideration. For example, it does not explore how cultural differences may impact global university presidents' leadership styles or how different appointment processes may impact their effectiveness as leaders.

Overall, while the article provides an interesting overview of the importance of studying global university presidents' leadership characteristics and dynamics, it has some limitations in terms of potential biases and lack of evidence to support some claims. Further research is needed to fully understand these issues.