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1. Cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) technologies have revolutionized recombinant protein expression by providing inexpensive and rapid methods.

2. CFPS platforms offer alternative and complementary approaches for expressing proteins, expanding our understanding of biological systems.

3. CFPS has significant applications in the field of synthetic biology, allowing for the engineering and manipulation of biological systems beyond the traditional confines of cells.

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根据提供的文章内容,很难进行详细的批判性分析,因为只给出了文章的标题和一部分摘要。但是从摘要中可以看出,文章主要介绍了无细胞合成生物学(Cell-Free Synthetic Biology)技术在蛋白质合成方面的应用,并强调了其在合成生物学领域中扩展我们对生物系统理解的能力。