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1. Gun violence is a global human rights issue that threatens the right to life.

2. Amnesty International calls for strict gun violence prevention laws and interventions to reduce gun violence.

3. Gun violence can have a negative impact on people's right to education or health care, and can cause long-term physical and psychological effects on individuals and communities.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable in its presentation of facts about gun violence, such as the number of people killed or injured by firearms each day, the percentage of homicides involving guns, and the estimated value of the small arms trade. The article also provides an overview of how gun violence affects people’s rights to life, education, and health care.

However, there are some potential biases in the article that should be noted. For example, it does not explore counterarguments or present both sides equally; instead it focuses solely on advocating for stricter gun control laws without considering other possible solutions or perspectives. Additionally, while it mentions that women are particularly at risk from firearm violence perpetrated by an intimate partner, it does not provide any evidence for this claim or explore any other potential risks associated with firearms ownership. Furthermore, while it acknowledges that poverty and lack of access to public services can contribute to firearm violence in certain areas, it does not provide any detailed information about these issues or their potential solutions. Finally, while the article does mention some possible risks associated with firearms ownership (such as injury or death), it does not discuss any potential benefits (such as self-defense).

In conclusion, while this article provides a good overview of the issue of gun violence and its impacts on human rights, there are some potential biases that should be taken into consideration when evaluating its trustworthiness and reliability.