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1. The need for a structured approach to biomarker development for early detection of cancer: The article discusses the importance of developing a formal structure to guide the process of biomarker development for cancer screening. It suggests categorizing the development into five phases, similar to the phased approach used in therapeutic drug development.

2. Objectives of population screening: The goal of a cancer-screening program is to detect tumors at an early stage when treatment is likely to be successful. The ideal biomarker should be noninvasive, inexpensive, and easily detectable in serum or urine. However, since cancer is a diverse disease, it is unlikely that a single biomarker will detect all types of cancer with high specificity and sensitivity.

3. Five phases of screening biomarker development: The article proposes five consecutive phases for biomarker development: Phase 1 involves preclinical exploratory studies comparing tumor tissue with nontumor tissue to identify potential biomarkers. Phase 2 focuses on developing clinical assays based on the identified biomarkers. Phase 3 involves validation studies to assess the performance of the biomarkers in detecting cancer. Phase 4 includes large-scale trials to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of using the biomarkers in population screening programs. Finally, Phase 5 involves implementation and monitoring of the biomarker-based screening program.

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