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1. JPMorgan Chase predicts China's economic growth rate to be about 5.9% in 2023, higher than the annual target of about 5% set in the March government work report. The post-epidemic recovery of China's economy has already taken place, and a turning point in CPI is expected in the second half of the year.

2. The contribution rate of consumption to China's economy this year is expected to be slightly than 4.2%, and the improvement in economic growth will mainly come from consumption. However, the current consumption recovery presents a "K-shaped" trend, with excess savings of high-income households while low- and middle-income families' balance sheets deterior.

3. Restarting still requires patience, and transmission of public investment will take 13 quarters. After major adjustments to epidemic prevention policies this year, China's economic restart exceeded expectations at the end of last year, but some economic indicators have not improved yet. The momentum of post-epidemic recovery is strongest in February and March but may slow down thereafter due to risks of economic recession in developed countries bringing continuous pressure on China's exports.

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