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1. The 19th century saw a frenzy of the visible, with a geographical extension of the field of visible through journeys, explorations, colonizations, and the spread of photography and other means of communication.

2. The social multiplication of images led to a historical debate on how much it affected the eye, with some arguing that optical research produced the visual culture while others argued that the invention of photography led to optical research.

3. The panoptic gaze was invoked by feminist theories to underline the power of gendered looking, but there were alternative gazes that produced more fluid forms of subjectivity. Gender is a necessary part of debates about vision, and once we establish flaneur mobility, we can see the charting of the female equivalent (flaneuse).

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最后,在讨论“panoptic gaze”时,文章强调了女性作为“看客”的角色,并认为女性内化了窥视注视。然而,它没有考虑到女性在观看中也可能具有权力和反抗力量,并未探索其他可能解释女性观众经验的因素。