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1. Brazilian President Lula's state visit to China includes signing cooperation agreements in various industries, including a satellite for the protection of the Amazon rainforest environment. Lula's visit to Huawei's innovation center in Shanghai has angered the US media, but Brazil's foreign minister stated that it should not be seen as a provocation and sends a message that Brazil will not take sides in the US fight against the tech giant.

2. Brazil has successfully handled its first cross-border RMB settlement business with China, indicating closer economic ties between the two countries and potentially challenging the dominance of the US dollar as an international currency. Within BRICS countries, there is a trend towards local currency settlements in foreign trade.

3. Lula's visit to China aims to boost trade and peace between Brazil and China, with expectations for cooperation in forest restoration, sustainable development, and commercial aviation. China is Brazil's largest export market and investor in Latin America, while Brazil seeks to diversify its trading partners beyond dependence on the US.

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