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1. The author reflects on their 12-year experience at Mapbox, a tech company that started as a personal project and grew into a larger organization. They express gratitude for the learning opportunities and the chance to work with competent individuals but also harbor resentment towards the leadership team's decisions in recent years.

2. The author discusses how Mapbox shifted its focus from open source and open data to the auto industry, which goes against their personal ethical objections as a lifelong bicycle commuter. They express disappointment in contributing to a company whose mission is now centered around making cars more appealing.

3. The author highlights their involvement in the Mapbox Workers Union and their belief in creating a more humane tech company through unionization. However, they criticize Mapbox's aggressive anti-union campaign and management's prioritization of investor interests over employees' well-being. They encourage other workers to continue fighting for change and advocate for motives beyond profit in the workplace.

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