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1. TransAbacus is a tool for translators to estimate and budget web site translation or localization projects.

2. LogViewPlus is a software solution meant to assist in analyzing the contents of log files.

3. Bitsum ParkControl Pro is a software solution capable of making large differences on performance, particularly when there are bursting CPU bound loads.

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The article provides an overview of various Windows applications that can be used for different purposes such as hardware monitoring, cabinet design, antivirus removal, PST conversion, video conversion, core parking settings, DNS blocking, computer forensics, codec packs, endpoint security and more. The article appears to be reliable and trustworthy as it provides detailed information about each application with its file size and features. However, the article does not provide any evidence or sources to back up the claims made about the applications’ effectiveness or reliability. Additionally, the article does not explore any potential risks associated with using these applications or provide any counterarguments against their use. Furthermore, some of the applications mentioned in the article appear to be promotional in nature as they are described in a positive light without providing any critical analysis or exploring alternative solutions. Therefore, while this article may provide useful information about various Windows applications available for download from SoftArchive website, readers should take into account that it does not present both sides equally and may contain biased content due to its lack of evidence and exploration of potential risks associated with using these applications.