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1. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is struggling to recover from an exodus of scientists and policy experts during the Trump administration, and is now under pressure to write complex rules and regulations that are central to President Biden's climate goals.

2. Despite an injection of funding, the EPA still has recovered from the staff and areworked to death".

3. The EPA is behind its own deadlines on nine key environmental regulations, including limits on power plant emissions of mercury and other toxic substances, ozone standards, and curtailing the storage of coal ash to avoid spills and contamination.

Article analysis:

The article “Depleted Under Trump, a ‘Traumatized’ E.P.A. Struggles With Its Mission” by The New York Times provides an overview of the current state of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The article presents a balanced view of both sides of the issue – it acknowledges that the Biden administration has made progress in terms of environmental protection but also highlights that there are still challenges facing the agency due to staffing shortages and delays in implementing new regulations.

The article does a good job at presenting both sides fairly – it includes quotes from both supporters and critics of the EPA’s current state as well as statistics about enforcement cases closed in court under Biden’s administration compared to those under Trump’s administration. It also provides context for why certain regulations have been delayed or not yet proposed by noting that they require legal justification which takes time to develop.

However, there are some areas where more information could be provided – for example, while it mentions that there have been delays in implementing new regulations due to staffing shortages, it does not provide any details about what steps have been taken by the agency to address this issue or how successful these efforts have been so far. Additionally, while it mentions that there will be legal challenges against any new regulations issued by Biden’s administration, it does not provide any details about what these challenges might be or who might be bringing them forward. provides state but more detail areas as shortages and potential challenges against new regulations by Biden’