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Article summary:

1. Navigate to any article or new item that you want to have analyzed.

2. Click the extension icon in the browser bar, then click the blue button to start the analysis.

3. Receive a report after the current page is analyzed.

Article analysis:

The article provides instructions on how to use an extension for analyzing a webpage, but does not provide any information about its trustworthiness and reliability. It is unclear what type of analysis is being performed and what criteria are used for evaluating the page, so it is difficult to assess whether this tool can be trusted or not. Additionally, there is no indication of who created this extension or what their qualifications are, which could lead to potential bias in the results of the analysis. Furthermore, there is no mention of any potential risks associated with using this tool, such as privacy concerns or security issues. Finally, there is no discussion of alternative methods for analyzing webpages that could be used instead of this extension. In conclusion, more information about the trustworthiness and reliability of this tool should be provided before it can be recommended as a reliable source for analyzing webpages.