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1. The concept of anchor institutions has emerged as a paradigm for understanding the role universities could play in building local economies.

2. Anchor institutions are defined as large locally embedded non-governmental institutions that generate or "anchor" wider economic activity within their local footprint.

3. The study highlights the importance of anchor institutions in creating value for SMEs, particularly in the North East of England, and suggests that owner-managers should engage with these institutions to access resources and support.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the concept of anchor institutions and their role in creating value for SMEs, specifically in the North East of England. While the article provides a good overview of the concept and its potential benefits, there are some potential biases and missing points of consideration.

One potential bias is that the article focuses solely on the positive aspects of anchor institutions without exploring any potential risks or drawbacks. For example, while it is true that anchor institutions can help stimulate economic activity in their local communities, they may also have negative impacts on small businesses by crowding out competition or driving up prices.

Additionally, the article does not provide much evidence to support its claims about the benefits of anchor institutions for SMEs. While it cites several studies that discuss the concept, it does not provide any concrete examples or data to show how anchor institutions have actually helped small businesses in practice.

Another issue with the article is that it presents a somewhat one-sided view of anchor institutions as being universally beneficial for SMEs. While there is certainly evidence to suggest that they can be helpful in certain contexts, there may be other factors at play that could limit their effectiveness or even make them harmful.

Overall, while this article provides a useful introduction to the concept of anchor institutions and their potential benefits for SMEs, readers should approach its claims with some caution and consider additional sources before drawing any firm conclusions.