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1. The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) aims to attract top students from around the world to pursue research degree programs in Hong Kong. The scheme awards around 300 fellowships each year to applicants regardless of their country of origin and ethnic background.

2. HKPFS awardees receive a Postgraduate Scholarship of $27,600 per month and a conference and research-related travel allowance of HK$13,800 per year for up to three years. For those admitted to a 4-year PhD program, HKU provides the same support in the fourth year. In addition, awardees receive a cash award for research and living expenses, waiver of composition fees, financial support for an additional year of study, and a guaranteed hall place in Year 1.

3. The application period for HKPFS typically starts on September 1 and ends in early December each year. Applicants need to submit an initial online application through the RGC's HKPFS Electronic System by December 1 and obtain an HKPFS Reference Number. They should then submit a full application to HKU through the Online Application System by the same deadline, indicating that they are applying for HKPFS and quoting the reference number obtained from the RGC's system. It is important to choose HKU as the first choice during the initial application process.

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另外,文章宣传了HKU Presidential PhD Scholarship,但没有提供关于该奖学金的详细信息。读者无法了解该奖学金的申请条件、数量和分配方式,这可能导致对其公正性产生疑问。