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1. Electrohydrodynamic drop-on-demand (EHD DOD) printing is a promising additive manufacturing method due to its high resolution and good ink compatibility.

2. EHD printing suffers from poor stability and severe nonuniformity, especially at high printing frequencies due to the inherent instability of the meniscus.

3. Residual oscillation suppression via waveform optimization can improve EHD printing consistency by reducing residual oscillations and ensuring droplet generation at every pulse.

Article analysis:

作为一篇科技论文,该文章并没有明显的偏见或宣传内容。然而,在其描述EHD DOD打印技术的优点时,可能存在片面报道和缺失考虑点的问题。例如,文章强调了EHD DOD打印技术的高分辨率和广泛适用性,但未提及其可能存在的局限性和风险。