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1. Oolong tea's taste and quality improve with storage: The article highlights that oolong tea develops better richness, sweetness, and throat feel after a certain period of storage. These changes in taste and quality are attributed to the composition of oolong tea evolving during storage.

2. Metabolic profiles of oolong tea during storage: The article mentions that there is a lack of research on the metabolic profiles of oolong tea during storage. This suggests that little is known about how the chemical composition of oolong tea changes over time.

3. Evaluation of taste quality using electronic tongue technology: The article discusses the use of electronic tongue technology to assess the taste quality of oolong tea stored for different durations (1991, 2001, 2011, and 2021). The results indicate variations in bitterness, but further details are not provided in the summary.

Article analysis:

这篇文章的标题是“Metabolomics and electronic tongue reveal the effects of different storage years on metabolites and taste quality of Oolong Tea”,但是文章内容并没有提供关于代谢组学和电子舌技术如何揭示乌龙茶在不同存储年限下代谢物和口感质量的影响的详细信息。因此,标题可能存在夸大其词或误导读者的风险。