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Article summary:

1. This article presents a new approach for selecting the best control strategy for AGV systems in a flexible manufacturing system.

2. The approach combines MADM, MCDM and simulation methods to rank different control strategies based on criteria such as System Throughput, Mean Flow Time of Parts, Mean Tardiness of Parts, AGV Idle Time, AGV Travel Full, AGV Travel Empty, AGV Load Time, AGV Unload Time, Mean Queue Length and Mean Queue Waiting.

3. The approach also helps to determine the optimal fleet size for the system.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable and trustworthy as it provides an overview of the research conducted on the selection of the best control rule for a multiple-load AGV system using simulation and fuzzy MADM in a flexible manufacturing system. The authors provide evidence to support their claims by citing relevant literature and conducting several simulation experiments. However, there are some potential biases that should be noted. For example, the authors do not explore any counterarguments or present both sides equally when discussing their findings. Additionally, they do not mention any possible risks associated with their proposed approach or discuss any potential limitations of their study. Furthermore, some of the claims made in the article are unsupported and there is no evidence provided to back them up. Finally, there is some promotional content in the article which could be seen as biased towards certain solutions or approaches discussed in the paper.