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1. The question of what the ancient Greeks can tell us about democracy can be answered by reference to three fields that have traditionally been pursued with little reference to one another: ancient history, classical political theory, and political science.

2. The classical Greek experience has more to tell us about the origins and definition of democracy, and about the relationships between participatory democracy and formal institutions, rhetoric, civic identity, political values, political criticism, war, economy, culture, and religion.

3. Scholars in each of the three primary fields (ancient history, political theory, political science) are increasingly capable of leveraging results across disciplinary lines to gain a better understanding of Greek democracy.

Article analysis:

The article "What the Ancient Greeks Can Tell Us About Democracy" provides a comprehensive overview of the contributions of ancient Greek history, classical political theory, and political science to our understanding of democracy. The author argues that these fields have traditionally been pursued independently, but interdisciplinary work has become more common in recent years.

One potential bias in the article is its focus on the positive aspects of ancient Greek democracy. While the author acknowledges criticism of democracy both in ancient times and today, there is little discussion of potential drawbacks or limitations of democratic systems. Additionally, the article does not explore counterarguments to the idea that ancient Greek democracy can provide valuable insights for modern democracies.

The article also makes some unsupported claims, such as stating that "the classical Greek experience has more to tell us about...political values" without providing evidence for this assertion. Similarly, while the author notes that there is considerable diversity in approaches to studying ancient Greek democracy within each field, they do not explore how these differences may impact our understanding of democracy.

There are also missing points of consideration in the article. For example, while it discusses how contemporary scholarship on ancient history can inform political science research on democratic institutions, it does not address how political science research can contribute to our understanding of ancient Greek democracy.

Overall, while "What the Ancient Greeks Can Tell Us About Democracy" provides a useful overview of interdisciplinary work on this topic, it could benefit from a more critical examination of potential biases and limitations in this approach.