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1. The National Academies Press (NAP) offers a variety of options for reusing their content through Copyright Clearance Center's Rightslink service.

2. The license reuses offered by NAP include republishing text, tables, figures, or images in print, posting on a secure Intranet/Extranet website, using in a PowerPoint Presentation, distributing via CD-ROM, and photocopying.

3. To obtain permission for these reuses or to request permission to distribute a PDF or translate a book published by NAP, individuals can contact Rightslink Customer Care or the NAP Customer Service Department respectively.

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然而,从文章中可以看出,该文章是由The National Academies Press(NAP)发布的,并且提供了通过Rightslink服务获取再使用许可的方式。这可能意味着该文章是由一个权威机构发布的,并且经过了一定程度的审查和授权。